Thomas Baxter

Tom’s passion for health and fitness has kept him focused on learning how he can best serve others to be and feel their best. He graduated with a degree in Fitness and Personal Training from Southampton University in England in 2011. This degree covered everything from advanced strength training to working with older adults to special conditions and physical disabilities. Since then, Tom has completed many additional courses and certifications, including becoming a Corrective Exercise Specialist, through NASM. Finally, Tom received his RMT designation after graduating from The Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2018.

This vast training background allows Tom to tailor homecare and rehabilitation exercises that are specific for his patients. He also uses his knowledge to educate his patients to ensure they are on the right path to long term results. Tom uses techniques to manipulate muscles, joints, and fascia to relieve pain, promote healing of past and present injuries, increase circulation, and reduce stress. He also uses IASTM tools to manipulate the tissue when appropriate and/or upon patients’ request.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys running his dog, working out, playing golf, and spending time with friends and family. Currently keeping him the most busy, however, has been the new addition of his and Kerrin Baxter’s twin boy and girl in July 2020.