Kathleen Rowell

Kathleen is a graduate of the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. Her massage career began as a young girl figuring out how to help out her mom and Aunt, both of whom dealt with arthritis and various orthopedic conditions.

She expanded her reach to close friends and family to help deal with daily aches and pains. Massage has been part of her life in little ways for many years. After hearing consistent positive feedback from those around her, she decided it was time to turn it into a career. She has a history of working in pain management through many life stages. Kathleen loves to focus on decreasing overall tension and facilitating greater ease of movement.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministries from Pacific Life Bible College, as well as a diploma in Massage Therapy. Kathleen is a natural green thumb and enjoy gardening in the summer. She was also involved in Scottish Highland Dancing and has completed several exams.