David Pannell, RMT

David is a 2018 graduate from Langara College in Vancouver. His previous experience as a personal trainer gave him the foundation to keep building his knowledge about how the human body can adapt and overcome many things. 

His skill set can aid with things such as stroke symptoms & traumatic sports injuries to the smaller nagging symptoms like headaches & training soreness. While explaining aches and pains can be difficult for some people, fortunately David’s 10+ years of personal experience with resistance training, gives him the ability to communicate effectively and target specific muscles very efficiently. David’s approach involves maintaining the health of the nervous systems, joints & cardiovascular system during the treatment, and giving exercise prescriptions you can take home after the treatment.

A nutrition certification and health science degree are next on the list for David, as he continues to pursue and stay on top of the ever-changing health & fitness industry. When he’s not at the clinic David is usually challenging himself at the gym with weight training or outside running hills and doing sprint training. Since his calorie needs are so high, cooking delicious meals in the kitchen has become a passion as well as growing and hunting his own food.

David knows that helping his patients understand their own body is an instrumental part of effective care. He is committed to encouraging each patient throughout their road to recovery.