Caitlyn Harder

Caitlyn was born and raised in southeast Manitoba, then came to BC to pursue further education at Trinity Western University. She has a Bachelors in Human Kinetics with a specialty in Kinesiology and has been working as an Active Rehab Therapist since early 2022.

Exercise and weight training can be such a daunting and intimidating sphere of health and fitness for many. So, Caitlyn’s main goal is to empower others by educating and leading them by providing the necessary tools for them to achieve success in their health and fitness goals.

She is passionate about helping others gain confidence in themselves by teaching different exercise techniques and providing an exercise routine tailored to their needs in a welcoming and fun environment.

Active rehab is an area where Caitlyn can assist you to get back to doing the things you love, whether that is going for walks pain free, playing a sport with your loved one(s), or enjoying the endless opportunities to explore BC.

She loves to be out in nature, whether that is going for hikes or long walks, trying new fun activities like Crossfit, or playing soccer with friends.