You deserve to be pain-free. We love to help!


Life is too short to be limited by pain. At Langley Physiotherapy and Massage we believe that you are the best healer of your own body. Our philosophy is aimed at finding the root of your problem, and teaching you how to overcome it.

Our goal is to give you the knowledge and tools to gain control of your pain and make a successful journey forward.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists are specialized in assessing and treating any injury involving muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, joints, and nerves. Your physiotherapy treatment will begin with a detailed history and assessment of your joint and postural alignment, muscle and joint restrictions, and the neural control you have of your movements. Your physiotherapist will spend time educating you on the nature of your condition, and the best treatment options for you.


Our treatments are typically exercise and movement focused. We will often use manual therapy (joint mobilizations, manipulations, soft tissue/fascial release, deep tissue massage), and acupuncture to correct joint or muscle restrictions.

If necessary, electrophysical modalities (tens, interferential current, ultrasound, and laser) can be used to help with acute pain and inflammation. We then reinforce the changes in your tissue with specific exercises designed to give your joints and muscles the stability, strength, and control to move in a pain free way.


Expect a treatment that challenges your limitations and boundaries. Your therapist will always respect your pain levels but will work with you to progress to and even beyond your goals.

Our physiotherapists are able to treat:

athletic injuries, chronic pain, disc-related injury and pain, postural pain and dysfunction, neck and back pain, sciatic pain, pre and post-surgical injuries (rotator cuff, ACL, etc), fractures, injuries from motor vehicle accidents, sprains and strains, tendonitis, vertigo and vestibular dysfunction, and much more.

Physiotherapists typically have a Masters degree from the Faculty of Medicine at a recognized university and must pass a rigorous national exam to become licensed health care professionals in Canada. They are trained to assess and treat a wide range of physical injuries and ailments using the large body of scientific evidence available to them. You can rest assured that your physiotherapist will ensure that your treatment is safe and evidence based, with your best interest in mind.