Your health is your greatest asset.
Take care of yourself.


The world needs you! Whether you are a weekend warrior, a parent, a professional, or all of the above, you can’t afford to break down. Take a pro-active approach to your wellness: it’s far easier to prevent injury in the first place.

At Langley Physio and Massage Clinic, we are taking massage therapy to the next level. Our Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) are trained in the latest and best manual therapy techniques that are designed to help you recover from injury, or prevent pain and dysfunction before it happens.

What is massage therapy?

Our massage therapists take a global approach to your treatment and aim to leave you with long-lasting results. This means that they will thoroughly assess your soft tissue and joint restrictions. They’ll educate you on the nature of your condition and let you know your best treatment options.

Your massage therapist is trained in joint mobilizations, fascial release, trigger point release, deep tissue release, and many other techniques to deal with the restrictions building up in your body. They are also able to prescribe appropriate home exercises to reinforce the changes they’ve made in your body. Our massage therapists won’t just leave you feeling better, they’ll leave you functionally better, for the long term.

Expect a dynamic treatment with joint mobilization, deep tissue work, active stretching, and an exercise component.

Expect to feel better
than you have in a long time!

Your massage therapist can treat: athletic injuries, chronic pain, headaches, postural pain and imbalance, neurological disorders, neck and back pain, sciatic pain, pregnancy (pre and post care), stress and anxiety, and much more. In addition, they can provide pro-active care for your tissues to keep your muscles and joints oxygenated, mobile, and primed for movement.

British Columbia has one of the highest standards in Canada for Registered Massage Therapy. RMTs must undergo a rigorous program from an accredited school of registered massage therapy. They learn detailed anatomy and physiology, full body assessment, a wide range of manual therapy techniques and home exercise prescription, and apply their learning and skills to many different diseases and injuries. Once graduated, they must pass a difficult written and practical exam to be recognized as a health care professional in British Columbia.

Interested in the profession? Become a registered massage therapist: Visit VCMT.