Initial Assessment: $100

(required for a first visit, new injury, or if it has been 3 months or more since your last visit):

ICBC: Fees are fully covered by ICBC for approved cases.


No fees paid up front. You must have visited your doctor, and will need to provide us with your personal health number and WSBC claim number.


Patients who are eligible for MSP coverage on physio or massage fees will receive $23 off of the list price for up to 10 treatments per year.


Chiropractic initial assessment: $115

Chiropractic subsequent visit: $65

Chiropractic subsequent visit with extra time: $85

ICBC – Fees are fully covered for approved ICBC cases


60 minute treatment (RMT): $125 (includes GST)

Therapeutic massage with a Registered Massage Therapist (includes assessment, treatment, and homecare):

*Please inform our receptionist if you are booking a pregnancy massage.

New-Grad Massage Treatment: $60 (+GST)

60 Minute Massage: Our new grads have graduated from a registered massage therapy program and are waiting to write their registration exam. Their treatments cannot be claimed by extended health plans or ICBC. You can expect an excellent, high quality Swedish-style massage from a fully trained therapist, at an unbeatable price!


  *Please note that all fees noted above are effective January 1, 2022 and subject to change.


How long do your treatments usually take?

Physiotherapy treatments vary between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the type of injury or condition. Massage therapy treatments can be booked for 30 or 60 minutes, and include assessment, treatment, and home exercise, as well as a few minutes for room turnover. Expect the assessment portion to take a little longer the first time. Your massage therapist will discuss the best treatment options for you based on your goals and expectations. Hands on treatment time will typically be 50-55 minutes for a one hour session, depending on the depth of assessment necessary.

What should I wear?

For physiotherapy treatments, wear comfortable, athletic clothes and shoes. Ensure that your clothing allows the therapist to fully assess the area (ie: if you have a knee injury, wear shorts or pants that easily roll above the knee). If necessary your therapist will provide you with a gown or shorts. For massage therapy, you can either wear athletic clothing, or can disrobe as much as you are comfortable. Massage therapy treatments are extremely professional, and you will always be appropriately draped in order to protect the modesty of both you and your therapist.

Are treatments painful?

Our physiotherapists and massage therapists alike will work within your pain limitations. There are times when your therapist may suggest a technique that may be painful in order to improve your movement restrictions or release ongoing tension, however most patients will describe this as the “good kind of pain”. Our goal is always to leave you feeling better at the end of a treatment, not worse.

Can I claim treatments using my extended health plan?

Yes, with the exception of new-grad massages, our therapists are all licensed physiotherapists and massage therapists and are covered by most extended health plans.

Do you direct bill to extended health plans?

Yes, we bill directly to most extended health plans. Our receptionists will usually be able to submit your bill immediately to your extended health, which means that you pay the minimum amount up front, and don’t have to wait to be reimbursed.

Do you accept ICBC or Worksafe BC claims?

We are able to provide physiotherapy treatments to those with ICBC or Worksafe BC claims. Please ensure you provide your personal health care number and claim number to the receptionist when booking. With regards to massage therapy, we are able to treat ICBC claims and direct bill to ICBC. We are not able to provide massage therapy treatments to those with Worksafe BC claims.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

You will need to visit your doctor if you have an ICBC or Worksafe BC claim. Typically, no referral is needed for private physiotherapy or massage treatments. On occasion, some extended health care providers may require a doctor’s referral. You may wish to check the details of your extended health care plan if you are unsure.

Is there benefit to coming for a treatment, even if I am not in pain?

Absolutely! Our sedentary lifestyles predispose us to muscle weakness and imbalance. Throw in some weekend warrior activities and it doesn’t take much to tip you over the edge. Coming in for monthly treatments to assess and treat your alignment, tissue restrictions, weak muscle groups, etc. can give you a huge advantage in avoiding injury and pain in the first place.