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I understand that it feels like no one cares about helping you, but that isn’t always true. These options include financing with recent changes in financial aid laws. Victoria, texas car and auto loans if you no money down low payment cars have good credit, bad credit, no credit. I tried to make a payment and they would not accept it. The problem with them is they don’t have any local office here. Now I find that all these years (thru a very good real estate attorney) I shouldn’t have made any payments greentree mortgage to them as long as I didn’t have equity in the home and the lst lien is owed, paid and in good standing. I then called GTS back again and suddenly they found the invoice. What I am suggesting is for all the victims of this company to take action to stop these harrassement and intimidation by this company.

Our home owners insurance has dropped in price and instead of them lowering our payments they have raised it. Most customers that go over 30 days pass due are called in excess of 30 times a day when it becomes end of month, we will call your neighbors , relatives and place of employment.

  • They make it near impossible to sell the home and if you try to pay the mortgage off early they still make you pay the interest for the entire life of the loan.
  • Many things you can do if you answer yes to all these questions. So anyway – I use my bank – PNC – to pay them automatically. Why is it that when you people owe someone greentree mortgage money, they become a bad person/company. Green Tree Servicing LLC is a classic “predatory lender” – they chose to lend to “high risk” borrowers just so they can collect more interest.
  • I called them once and asked them if they had electricity and computers where they worked, because I couldn’t wrap my head around this po-dunk company who’s main business it is to accept mortgage payments.
  • LLC after GT means “limited liability” What does a consumer do. Since I did not want anything to do with your less then reputable greentree mortgage company, B of A is also gonna be part of the lawsuit. Okay, It is August, 10 MONTHS after you have acquired my mortgage, and now you realize you don’t have my insurance info.

Human emotion does not go into the act of debt collection… We have constant training and updating on the laws and different gov’t programs out there that we work on… Which is probably why we are chosen to be the servicer year after year. You can think it sucks and you can complain about it, but don’t take the stance that you pay your bills on time. I said what happened to the extra $360.00 every month. Fannie Mae wanted more money so my new buyer went up, but it has been with Fannie Mae for over 20 business days. A letter of credit is a document issued by a financial institution, or a similar party,. We were reviewed and reviewed and denied and denied.

We offers five graduate degree programs, two joint degree programs and one doctoral degree program:

What we don’t tell you is if there is under 10k in equity in your home we wont do anything and will charge it off at 180 days, but in the meantime your sweating it out and scared that we are going to lock you out. The letters GT send (four months later) said if they didn’t get the info on the insurance that they would go ahead a use there GT insurance company. I then call them and apparently the lady handling my case is too busy to answer my calls.

Get paid like most corporate employees to monitor the boards and rebuttal things like this. I said, “seriously, you’re not going to take my payment.” We argued for a couple of minutes before I hung up without making a payment. Feb interested rv type my submit this application rv loan modification bank of the west to gemb lending inc michelson bank. When they sold the loan to Green tree, they kept drafting greentree mortgage money but at their whim started assessing me fees.

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It’s happened to me twice, first with Suntrust Mortgage, than on the Litton Loan, now Green Tree. We have been insured with State Farm for the last 10 years. They offered a Deferment but they talked my mother into me making another payment, and THEY FOUND the payments. I later found out the “Supervisor” was actually my account manager and when I refused to be talked to the way she was talking to me, I asked to speak to her supervisor. Here is how I delt with the calls though. You would be willing to do ANYTHING to get your mortgage away from these people.

What you seem to miss is that it’s the people that truly are having problems due to the economy that GTS actually goes after the hardest. You sound JUST like a rep from green tree servicing. They tried to take 3 house payments at once.

Now my bank all of a sudden sells my loan to some company like this one that i think they buy the loans of people with good credit and payment history and finish destroying there credit,getting their house foreclosed and putting them in a bind were they can’t get out until they lose it all. I would even spend the money to go to Fl to testify if it would help to stop this company. The last mortgage I told them I would put $0 down. He again said, they do not set up escrow accounts.

The threatening of foreclosure to being insulted about how we can’t manage our finances properly. Get your credit report and score. I finally, talked to her and she started talking wild to me about making a payment and how can I make my 1st mortgage. All we ever wanted to do was keep making our payments, and we were not aware that because this was apparently a short sale, were were now being considered in default. I currently work for Green Tree and I can tell you that most of these complaint are from people who don’t pay there bills on trime and are under pressure from GT to pay up to date.

This is the global web site of mitsubishi motors. I just found out yesterday I was fully approved. I faxed a letter asking why a payment increase. I asked them why they don’t operate like every other financial institution, and the tone from the representative was condescending and rude.

I often imagine what it would have been like if instead of bailing out banks, the government took that money and paid off our mortgages…that would have turned the economy around. Threatening to foreclose on my moms home. I just wanted to share that this company also employs individuals that have criminal backgrounds.

Also in my area we are currently on well water and they will be putting in city water within the next few years. This company is full of lies I would never trust them when setting up automatic payments. See up to the minute greentree mortgage rates and find greentree new jersey s.

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I too have just had my mortgage sold to Green Tree, for the 3rd time – first was Country Wide, second was Bank of America. Another bit of information – they probably are – in all our cases subject to the law as they are a third party collector no matter what they say. I informed them I pay by the 12th or 13th to take full advantage of the grace period. That was a week ago and I’m still waiting for them to come get the damn thing.

Printable contracts you can agreement sample download and print for free. So I made the Feb payment and then 2 days ago I get a Notice of Acceleration in the mail. They are asking for hardship documentation before they approve any settlement offer. I was two days late on my payment and they sent someone to put a lock box on my property without notice.

After receiving this information, the insurance company, contacted greentree mortgage me at which time I called Green to see what was going on. May the pennsylvania supreme court denied predatory commercial lending a case appeal dealing with predatory. Now that is crazy, who on earth will give someone one that much money and don’t have the home or the money for that fact.

Those of your complaining of late fee’s, those late fee’s are per your contract, the amounts and the dates. He completed all of the appropriate paperwork for the policy and submitted it to the insurance company. Online payday loan cashnetusa apply instant emergancy pay day advances online for centrelink car loans for centrelink payday. The property abondoned is going to deteriorate and they are not doing anything. Does anyone know if BOA still owns these mortgages and GT is just servicing them.

But she could not follow a simple instruction, and still chose to talk over my voice. The home’s value has even decreased. The owner should in no way require you to move. Each time, I explained our updated living situation. One month ago, they requested proof of insurance on my condo.

Your company has brainwashed you so that you can sleep at night greentree mortgage while anyone who is a “customer” of yours suffers. Compare rv loans and rates on new, used, refinanced and private party vehicles. I’m trying to refinance with green tree, but was told after waiting 3 months I don’t qualify because of the PMI company I have.They stated that they aren’t affiliated with them. I’ve always had a good relationship with QL as I’ve used them before and they were fair and honest with me.